AALAS Webinar - Part 2: Problem Behaviors in Nonhuman Primates

Does your facility house nonhuman primates? Do technicians, vet techs, or vets at your facility need training on managing primate behaviors? Do they need AALAS or RACE CEs? If so, join us on February 8th for the "Part 2: Identifying, Recording, and Managing Problem Behaviors in Nonhuman Primates" webinar! This presentation is a continuation of the previous webinar on managing problem behaviors in nonhuman primates and will begin with a short review of the content from Part 1. Learn about: Observational methods and ethograms for problem behaviors Documentation systems (examples provided) Prevention of problem behaviors, including treatment options such as enrichment, social housing, animal training, operational changes, and medications Hypothetical cases and treatment regimens for rhesus macaques Speakers: Mollie Bloomsmith, PhD, Head of Behavioral Management and a Research Professor Sherrie Jean, DVM, DACLAM, Associate Veterinarian Scientist Jaine Perlman, RLATG, BA, Manager of the Behavior Management Unit 12:00 pm, CST on February 8th
Wednesday, February 8, 2023 - 12:00pm
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