The Nuts & Bots of Legislative Process & Effective Advocacy

During this conference, participants will learn how to become effective animal research advocates through interactive workshops and in-depth training sessions. PARTICIPATE IN THE PROCESS! Why you should attend the Legislative Conference: you need to be a strong voice for ANIMAL RESEARCH! • Experience the legislative process through hands-on work sessions. • Hear firsthand from notable guest speakers and policy experts about timely research issues. • Learn about policy priorities that could impact your job(s). LEGISLATIVE PRIORITY WORKSHOP ... WHERE the animal activists are today ... HOW DO WE PRIORITIZE and move forward as a united front SKILLS-BUILDING WORKSHOP on how to educate legislators and their staff about your field of expertise. Participants will also get hands-on training about the best ways to communicate with and advocate for the animal research issues. CRAFTING YOUR MESSAGE ... Advancing our mission ... The importance of using plain everyday language...not everyone knows science! AND ... Using language to maintain consistency! ADVOCACY IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF ANY LEGISLATIVE OR POLITICAL STRATEGY - but not in the way you think. We need to depend on on our strength: our members and the collective power of the life science community. In this workshop we'll talk about effective strategies, including how to network. The MSMR, NJABR and NABR 2018 Legislative Conference will take place in PROVIDENCE, RI on FEBRUARY 9, 2018 at the RENAISSANCE PROVIDENCE Downtown.
Friday, February 9, 2018 (All day)
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Rhode Island
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Standard Time